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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2007

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  • John Graham
  • Hung Hsi
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan
  • Rob Cernich
  • Der-Ping Chou
  • Brian Payton


  • Announcement: No meeting next week. John will be in other meetings all next week, and will have limited access to email.
  • Announcement: Friday, 4/13, is the submission deadline for EclipseWorld
  • Last call for BZ components
  • 4/9 I-build pending
  • DTP user doc (context sensitive help) update
  • Promotion of certain connectivity API to platform status?
  • Individual project status


  • John makes the announcements mentioned above
  • Call to check today's build for promotion to I-build tonight
  • Information on context sensitive help coming really soon
  • Group accepts Linda's proposal for certain connectivity API to be promoted to platform
  • Der-Ping: Proposed models changes will be implemented this week
  • Hung: Working on bug fixes
  • Sheila: IBM Enablement bugs -- please take a look
  • Sheila: SQL Results view feature -- how to proceed?

Action Items

  • (John): Mock of SQL Results view feature

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