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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2009

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Larry Dunnell
  • Emily Kapner
  • John Graham
  • Linda Chan
  • Hemant Kolwalkar
  • Brian Payton


  • Hung Hsi (meeting conflict)


  • Continuation of Galileo compile errors with most recent issues reported against org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.sybase.asa.schemaobjecteditor.examples
  • Issues with the oda design ecore model
  • We still have a big issue with the number of bugs slated for Galileo that will in all likelihood never be completed:
    • Still 26 bugs slated for the "Galileo" milestone that haven't been re-dispositioned (
    • Still 30 bugs slated for M7, even though M7 is now in Test & Fix mode (
    • Last chance. I will go through and set all remaining M7 and Galileo bugs to Future on Wednesday afternoon 4/29/09 - 4pm MST. Any bugs after that to be moved to an RC (specifically RC1 or RC2) will have to be approved by the PMC by way of an e-mail to the PMC list with an explanation of why the bug needs to be included.
  • Have added three new milestones - 1.7.1, 1.7.2, and "Next Major Release"
    • The "Next Major Release" milestone is to indicate that we should consider a particular BZ for the following year's major release, not the next maintenance release
  • Status
  • [Weekly Nag] We are at ~15 bugs with no target milestone set that need to be dispositioned. Please keep at this list daily if at all possible. [Here's the query.]
  • Open discussion


  • Be sure to go through and check version #s to see if we need to update for API changes or whatnot for Galileo if they haven't been updated already
  • Be sure to go through and update About files with June 2009 date in the RC1 or RC2 timeframe.

Action Items

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