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DTP PMC Meeting November 28, 2006

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  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars


  • Linda Chan



  • Project status summary
  • Daylight savings time changes for 2007
    • Is DTP impacted by this?
    • Talk to project leads about this next week
  • PII freeze of April 7 is being proposed
  • Vista support for DTP 1.5 at least; DTP 1.x maybe, depending on adopter requirements
  • Planning for DTP 1.5 (Europa)
    • Discussions in Dec and early Jan
    • Planning Council meeting in mid Jan

Action Items

  • Sheila: Find links about daylight savings time issue and forward to dtp-dev
  • PMC: Continue to work with project leads through RC2 to ensure that bug list is an accurate reflection of DTP status
    • Update, 12/5: Substantial progress made. On-going checks will continue.

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