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DTP PMC Meeting June 26, 2007

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  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan


  • (John): Announcement -- no PMC meeting next Tuesday (7/3).
  • (John): Update on DTP 1.5 status
  • (Decision): Proceed to work on DTP 1.5.1?
  • (Discussion/Decision): M release in August (DTP 1.5.1) and then another two with Europa?
  • (Discussion): How to react to enablement bugs when outside support exists? (Oracle, Ingres, Sybase...)


  • PMC Decision: Committers allowed to work on 1.5.1
  • PMC Decision: At present, an earlier M release is not required
  • PMC Decision: Keep specific Enablement bugs open, in "future" state and
    • Notate as "help wanted"
    • Prefix description with vendor/data source
    • Add comment pointing to external support, if available
  • Closing out bugs: discussion
    • Post notice on dtp-dev
    • Two week window to verify + close
    • Otherwise committer does so
    • Talk about in next PMC/Project lead meeting

Action Items

  • (John): Annonce bug closure effort during next week's PMC/Project lead meeting

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