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DTP PMC Meeting January 2, 2007

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  • John Graham


  • (John) Update on DTP 1.0 release
  • Discuss options for DTP 1.0 update: Working Proposal: maintenance release on 1/19 (Fri)
    • Strategy: Make a quick patch to the 1.0 stream to address high-importance or low-risk bugs before Europa (and hence the DTP 1.5 stream) before Europa gets too busy (est. mid-February). Being a maintenance release, we can only deliver bug fixes (no features), and must not impact 1.0 adopters unless absolutely necessary. Also, these bug fixes will delivered into the 1.5 (head) and 1.0 branch streams.
    • An initial set of proposed bugs to include, need to be validated for importance and feasibility:
      • 137768 Connectivity preference page problems
      • 168411 Cannot set connection info on SQL editor
      • 168500 SWTException
      • 168598 [WorkOffline] Exceptions logged for Apache Derby DB
      • 168599 [WorkOffline] Derby Synonym can not be cached
      • 168602 [WorkOffline] Decorator confusing when working offline
      • 168974 Default package permissions = 777
      • 169029 NPE when selecting the column mapping in XML dataset
      • 169307 wrong quoting of identifiers
  • Discuss project retrospective activities


  • (John) Now I seem to remember that the PMC hadn't scheduled a meeting for today.... Will try again later this week...

Action Items

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