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DTP PMC Meeting, October 7, 2008

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars



  • Good news - new SY resource coming soon, ramp up over the next 4-6 weeks, will be helping with SQB
  • Time to start recruiting EclipseCon 2009 talks - 5 short, 2 long, 1 tutorial (4 hour, maybe two 2 hour tutorials together)
  • Also time to start looking into Capabilities (Activities) definitions for DTP for Galileo
    • Possibly provide capabilities to enable/disable the SQL Development tooling
    • Possibly provide a capability to enable/disable the ODA plug-ins(perhaps folks want to turn off ODA plug-ins if they're not interested in BIRT?)
    • these would be turned on by default, but could be disabled
    • Other suggestions?
  • Open discussion


  • EclipseCon 2009 - collaborate with some other projects to get broader coverage, such as WTP, JPA, or BIRT?
  • Do a "cool talk" like John's iPod demo -- maybe Facebook or something
  • Perhaps do a long tutorial and walk through enablement to ODA, BIRT, JPA, and SQL development -- all the way through the process with a single DB
  • Capabilities - what sort of events would trigger capabilities to turn on/off - like a SQL file or if there are Enablement ODA data sources in the installation
  • Progressive disclosure in the UI
  • Write up a brief overview of capabilities and how they might be used in DTP
  • Sheila brought up the list of enablement databases and levels of support we did way back when for Ganymede. We should make that more public and keep it up to date for each release. John is looking to see if it was added to the Wiki or if we need to construct a Wiki page based on the feedback for Ganymede and update for 1.6.1 and Galileo
  • Inform EMO that Hemant is now the project lead for modelbase
  • When updating Galileo project plans...
    • Hemant needs to update for modelbase
    • Need to include info about Enablement, including addition of Ingres & SQLite, plus the potential for other vendors (such as Oracle & MS) to get into the act
    • Include the Incubator ODA project, as it will most likely be promoted into Enablement for Galileo
    • What are our deadlines for the Galileo project plan?
  • For Duncan
    • Have him announce himself on the dtp-dev list and talk a bit about his experience and what he'll be helping out on in DTP
    • He can start poking around and looking at bugs in the SQB
    • As he fixes things, attach patches to BZs and have Brian Payton approve and deliver changes (as appropriate)
    • After a few cycles of that, propose that Duncan be given committer status

Action Items

  • John - look for enablement/support Wiki page, if not there, inform Brian so he can create it based on the info gathered for Ganymede
  • Brian - Write up a brief overview of capabilities and how they might be used in DTP
  • Brian - e-mail EMO about Der Ping/Hemant project lead of modelbase (done)
  • Brian - Update DTP project plan for Enablement
  • Brian - Find deadlines for DTP project plan (done, see below)
1. By *September 30th, 2008*, all projects will have public project
   plans in the standardized project plan format (see
2. The PMCs will review these plans during the month of October 2008.
3. The PMCs will deliver these plans to the Planning Council at the
   end of October and the Planning Council will meet during the month
   of November (either physically or virtually) to write the planning
   section of the Roadmap.
4. The Planning and Requirements Councils will deliver the complete
   Roadmap document to the Board of Directors at the end of November
   for the Board's consideration and approval during a plenary
   Council+Board meeting in December.

Tabled for Later Discussion

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