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DTP PMC Meeting, January 20, 2009

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • John Graham
  • Brian Payton



  • Duncan won't be at EC09
  • Duncan has some concerns regarding the marketing purpose of the webinar in March (forwarded e-mail)
  • Response from NECsoft
  • Open discussion


  • Either Fitz or Brian P can fill in for Duncan's 10 minute talk
  • Discussed possibility of IBM needing a 1.6.3 release depending on forward compatibility of WTP and other upstream projects
  • Ping Xiaoying to see where we're at in regards to the release train/feature discussion (Fitz)
  • Webinar
    • Ask webinar folks about goal for the webinar (Fitz)
    • Want to focus on the user side of the equation. Easy to produce complex queries and can embed in IBM, BIRT, etc.
    • Focus on "making it easy to create queries using the SQB".
    • Could show an IBM product using the SQB, as well as in RCP, and BIRT
    • Focus on fairly complicated query statements - then show source to compare/contrast
    • Could show starting with a completed SQL and then go to the builder -- round trip
    • More of an exploration/iterative process
    • 40 minutes should go quickly
  • ODA-Ecore Incubator project now a regular download -- do we include on update site? not for now, just as a download zip -- just include source for now in the built zip -- put "incubating" in the name of the zip and note it on the download page
  • Set up a DTP BoF

Action Items

Tabled for Later Discussion

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