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DTP PMC Meeting, January 13, 2009

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • John Graham


  • Brian Payton


  • Discussion of "DTP.all" feature that's used for Galileo and the rest of the features for regular distributions
  • Question for John - the last time the Model Base models were regenerated, Hemant thinks they were redone using 2.3, not 2.2, so he's not encountered any issues with regenerating in 2.4. Do you remember why we regenerated with 2.3 but only support 2.2? Was it purely for JDK 1.4 support?
  • Open discussion


  • Brian will send an e-mail to Xiaoying about the feature issue and cc John, Linda, and Rich Gronback so we get this resolved. One big feature with all the plug-ins listed (DTP.all) will be created and used for the Galileo release train as well as our own update site and downloads.
  • John said that the models were most likely regenerated in 2.3, but set to be backward compatible to 2.2 by Der Ping when he redid them a release or two ago.

Action Items

Tabled for Later Discussion

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