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DTP Ganymede Build Instructions

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[3/5/08]: The build process described in this document is now obsolete. Refer to the DTP Releng page for updated information.

This document, and its associated build tools archive download, was updated last on 2/21/08.


This document describes the DTP 1.6 ("Ganymede") build process. The intention is to enable community-based builds of DTP 1.6 using the current DTP build process. This document is not a substitute for the detailed build instructions contained in the DTP 1.6 build tools archive, nor is it a tutorial for building plug-in distributions using Eclipse. Rather, the goal is simply to introduce the DTP 1.6 build tools archive and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the DTP 1.6 build process. Finally, this page will be updated as new versions of the build tools archive become available and as new content (especially in the FAQ section) is added.


DTP, as an Eclipse Foundation project, is subject to the Eclipse terms of use. For more information or questions, check out the Eclipse Foundation legal page.

DTP Build Tools

An archive file containing the necessary build tools for DTP 1.6 is available from the DTP download server. Detailed instructions for building DTP 1.6 are found in the pdf document at the root of the build tools archive. Those interested in generating the same DTP 1.6 build bits as what is posted on the DTP download site should obtain and study this archive.


  • Q: Does DTP 1.6 use the Eclipse (headless) PDE base builder?
    • A: No, DTP 1.6 does not use the PDE base builder.
  • Q: Does DTP 1.6 have map files?
    • A: DTP 1.6 is built from the HEAD of the DTP CVS modules. While it would be very simple to produce corresponding map file, there is no need for it in the current DTP 1.6 build process.
  • Q: The DTP feature definitions are not what we expected. Why is this?
    • A: The DTP feature definitions were determined by a long and thorough consultation with the DTP community, concentrating on the "slices" of DTP that adopters want to consume. For this reason the feature structure (including plug-ins appearing in more than one feature definition) are not what you'd expect, if your expectations are that feature definitions are for the benefit of the PDE base builder.
  • Q: Does DTP plan to migrate to the PDE base builder, or perhaps another build system, during DTP 1.6 (that is, Ganymede)?
    • A: Current staffing levels do not allow such a migration at this point.
  • Q: Is DTP open to suggestions or help in evolving the DTP build process?
    • A: Yes, of course we're happy to receive help. Please be aware, however, that such suggestions are much more likely to be adopted if the offer evolutionary improvement to the current system. Larger changes, such as moving to the PDE base builder, would be considered only if there were associated staffing willing to take ownership and responsibility for the DTP builds going forward.

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