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DTP Europa Build Schedule

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Document Status

5/18/07: Updated I-build schedule for RC1

2/13/07: This document has been reviewed and approved by the PMC. Please be aware that content changes might occur as necessary to adjust to future conditions.


DTP 1.5 is part of the Europa release. As such, our milestones, release candidates, and final release date are determined by Europa. DTP is a "+1 dependency" on the Eclipse platform, and the dates of specific milestones can be found here, Milestones and Release Candidates section. Within these milestones and release candidates, DTP will have regular "integration builds" (or "I-builds") so that adopters can check progress toward eventual milestones. As discussed in the DTP 1.5 Project Plan, DTP will strive to have an I-build as soon as possible after platform milestone and release candidate builds. The purpose of this page is to supplement the project plan with further definition of terms and dates.

Definition of Terms

Following general Eclipse usage, DTP 1.5 will have the following types of builds:

  • Nightly Build (N-build): Created from CVS head and posted with minimal testing. Primarily designed for use by committers and adopters requiring certain bug fixes or enhancements as early as possible.
  • Integration Build (I-build): A nightly build that is smoke tested for major functionality and found to be in at least reasonable working order.
  • Milestone (M-build): An I-build that has been substantially tested and functioning correctly in all major aspects.
  • Release Candidate (RC): Similar to a M-build, but with the expectation that remaining bugs will be fixed in a ramp-down (endgame) mode.

DTP 1.5 I-build Dates

The following is the projected I-build dates for DTP 1.5. Note that these dates may be adjusted going forward as experience demands, and that hitting each of these dates is a complex function involving many interdependent tasks, so no absolute guarantee can be offered in advance.

  • DTP 1.5M5: 2/12 (Monday)
  • DTP 1.5M6: 2/26 (Monday), 3/12 (Monday), 3/26 (Monday)
  • DTP 1.5RC0: 4/9 (Monday), 4/23 (Monday), 5/7 (Monday)
  • DTP 1.5RC1: 5/21 (Monday)

(After 5/21, the RC builds are frequent enough to serve the same role.)

DTP 1.5 M-build and RC Dates

These are determined by the Europa schedule and can be found here, Milestones and Release Candidates section.

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