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DTP Connectivity Project Committers Meeting Minutes: April 7, 2008


  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Larry Dunnell
  • Linda Chan


  • DTP 1.6M7 outstanding issues
  • Open Discussion

To Do

  • BZ 225866 - Must have for BIRT - one file - have utility method to define path for configuration file - possibly optional API - not user-accessed, API only - Linda offering to help code
  • Usability work - three things -- 1) make sure we don't NPE when auto-connect at startup = true in an RCP app, 2) possibly hide, possibly reword label for auto-connect at startup to indicate only works with an active workbench, and 3) need a test harness to make sure this all works
  • BZ 225486 - SQL Server profile/driver disappearing - possibly overwriting driver on import of older profile
  • BZ 224272 & 224251 - from Larry/Joseph - prompting for UID/Password - is required based on driver template properties -- see if way to set profile property page as selected when property dialog appears to prompt - possibly roll name/description - persistence hook involved?
  • Connection Profile interrupt connect issue, Linda will create BZ for -- Brian still investigating

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