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DTP Capabilities Location

In Galileo, the DTP Capabilities plug-in was included as part of the package process. In Helios, capabilities were pulled out of that process and to be documented separately.

The goal of this document is to explain:

  1. Where to find the existing Capabilities plug-in in CVS
  2. Or how to implement your own Capabilities for DTP

Existing Capabilities Plug-in

The existing Capabilities plug-in can be found in CVS...

Anonymous CVS server info:

   * Host:
   * Repository Path: /cvsroot/datatools
   * User: anonymous
   * Password: <empty>
   * Connection method: pserver
   * Module (within org.eclipse.datatools.capabilities

Really all that's in this plug-in is the org.eclipse.ui.activities extension point in the plugin.xml at this point.

Capabilities Implementation

As mentioned in the last section, really capabilities boil down to the org.eclipse.ui.activities extension. All that the extension does is shut down the DTP plug-ins:


More fine-grained disabling of particular plug-ins can be done, but this takes care of the high level "switch" to turn off DTP functionality in the workbench via Capabilities.

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