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DTP Build Environment

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DTP Build Environment

The build environment for each release is shown in the "Requirements" entry on the DTP download page,

For the current release (the Indigo maintenance stream), the build is created using:

  • Eclipse 3.6.2
  • EMF 2.6.x
  • GEF 3.6.x
  • Java SE 1.5

DTP Test Environment

DTP is tested in the primary environment, as listed in the "Requirements" entry of the download page linked above.

DTP is also tested in a secondary environment, as listed in the "Tested also with" entry of the download page.

DTP Supported Platforms

DTP will be built and tested primarily on Windows XP. Additional testing, as resources permit, will include the following variations:

  • Linux (RedHat or Ubuntu)
  • Locales: Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

Note that the primary test environment will be used to validate all milestone, release candidate and release builds.

As always, DTP would welcome additional help from the community in testing wider/deeper. Please contact the DTP PMC, if you would like to establish a testing schedule.

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