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DTP 1.0 Final Draft User Guide README

DTP Documentation Review, Final Draft (Drop 2) December 13, 2006

Here are some notes to help facilitate your review of the DTP documentation, drop 2. This is the FINAL review. The current doc plugin just contains topics that Sybase committed to documenting for this release. If you would like to contribute a doc plugin to be called from the main User Guide plugin, please send email to or contact Emily Kapner directly at

Where to find the ZIP file that contains the Eclipse features and doc plug-ins for drop 1

Review guidelines If we have questions to reviewers, we have included inline comments in those topics. Please provide review comments in the following Bugzilla CR: 168128. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible, including topic title, step number, etc.

Please provide review comment by end of business Friday, December 15.

Topics that require some input The following topics require some feedback from the community in order to complete them:

• Apache Derby Tutorial • Routine Objects • Running a Routine Object • Executing a SQL File • Terminating Results from SQL Results View

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