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TmL 0.1 Plan


The first incubation version of TmL addresses a minimum device framework and some working samples that could and a vnc viewer component embedded in a Eclipse View.

Bugs included in this version

Bug Summary
206669 Initial implementation of a generic Device Framework to support emulators and devices
206670 Initial implementation of an Eclipse-embeddable VNC viewer
221733 Refine core functionalities of Device Framework
221736 Support New device instance wizard
221741 Support to VNC Protocol Extension
227793 Implementation of the several encodings, performance enhancement etc


Version Components

Component Version CVS Download Comments
Common framework 0.2 [1] [2] this version is still under device framework package
Device framework 0.2 [3] [4] --
VNC Viewer component 0.4 [5] [6] --
Protocol component 0.1 [7] [8] this version is still under vncviewer package

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