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Invited Attendees

  • Christian Kurzke (Motorola)
  • Mauren Brenner (Motorola)
  • Fabio Fantato (Motorola)
  • Daniel Franco (Motorola)
  • Jefferson Silva (Motorola)
  • Javier Montalvo-Orus (Symbian)


  • TmL Project Status
  • TmL Screenshot on Wiki
  • Motorola internal agreements status
  • Round table


TML and TM Screeshots

  • We upload some screenshot about TmL prototype running over TM platform. The purpose of these pages are promote discussion about our architecture and the solution adopted in TML project.
  • We will working in refine the text for each screen before announce this content into TM mailing list. The idea is get a feed back from TM developers about the rigth use of the TM platform and how we can converge both project in the future.

Commiter Agreements

  • This procedure is still slow and we are waiting a formal approval from Motorola legal before continue the code contribution process. We expect for the next week has good news about it to start the process to do a first contribution of code.


  • We are waiting answer about Eclipse Europe Summit for the end of this week and depend of the result of this submission exists the possibility of send someone of TML Technical team to Eclipse Members Meeting at Chicago on September.

Next Steps and Action Items

  • Fabio and Christian will change some mails to refine the text of wiki and prepare it to be announce in TM mailing list. We are expecting a new version revised for next Thursday,26 July.
  • TML team will investigate about Eclipse Members Meeting and we will analyze if was possible to send someone to this event in Chicago.
  • We are continue with exploratory tests and TM integration studies. The idea is have a stable and clean version ready to be contribute as soon as our agreement procedure was approved.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 07 August 2007, same time and dial-in.

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