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Ruth (Eldorado) Daniel (Eldorado) Daniel (Eldorado) Jon Dearden (RIM) Eric Hildum (Motorola)


  • TmL 0.4 release
    • Awaiting PMC approval. IP Logs are approved.
    • Will make some minor changes to the release review slides from Martin Oberhuber's comments and submit them to EMO.
  • Code Profiling investigation
    • [Daniel Franco] Will deliver by 12/1
  • The Sequoyah project transition progress
    • Waiting on TmL 0.4 release to be finalized so that Eldorado can focus on Sequoyah transition. Expect work to begin this week. Will ask Foundation webmasters to create the repositories, wiki and web sites.
  • Release milestones for Sequoyah through the TmL 0.4 release, Galileo SR2, Helios, and beyond
    • Declare intent by December 16. Helios bugs for being on the train are not available yet.
    • [ERIC] Question for Christian Kurzke about Galileo SR2 and Pulsar.
    • [RUTH] Add milestone dates for Helios to shared Google calendar.
  • EclipseCon
    • Eldorado working on 2 abstracts for EclipseCon and will share this week
  • Marcel Gorri working as a contributor beginning 1 December 2009 as a replacement for Mauren Brenner

Action Items

  • [Jon] Send link to mobile web tools discussion

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 14 December, 2009 at 17:00 UTC

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