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  • Eric Cloninger
  • Mauren Brenner
  • Daniel Franco
  • Ruth Soliani
  • Christian Kurzke
  • Paul Beusterien (Symbian)
  • Diego Madruga (CESAR)
  • David Marques (CESAR)


  • The TmL team is working on localization tools; initial code is going to be available in two weeks; information (e.g. requirements) will be added to the project wiki.
  • The TmL team is also working on bug fixes.
  • The contribution by Nokia (VNC Viewer) has been committed.
  • The MTJ team is working on the signing framework and part of the code is going to be available by the end of the week.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on September 21, 2009 due to September 7 US holiday

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