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  • Jefferson Silva (Eldorado)
  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Otavio Ferranti(Eldorado)
  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)


  • Discussed EclipseCon 2009 Submissions. Eric has made 1 submission for a 1 hour overview talk. Daniel has submitted 1 tutorial and 1 10 minute technical talk. Everyone listed as a speaker needs to fill in their BIO this week and plan to submit a photo if the talks are accepted.
  • Discussion of synchronization between TmL 0.1.1 and the various Motorola products. The release date is still tentatively set for around Nov. 7, 2008. There are a few bugs that have been opened related to Motorola's latest product adopting TmL, but they seem straight-forward.
  • For TmL 0.2, Eric needs to re-engage with Montavista to learn when they need the re-architected code released.
  • No code has been written for TmL 0.3 to go into Galileo, but investigations are on-going.
  • Otavio has integrated the TCF agent with TmL and reports that it is faster than using telnet/ftp. But, there are some technical issues with the way TCF is packaged with TM that we need to investigate before we can standardize on it.

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