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  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Otavio Ferranti(Eldorado)
  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Fabio Fantato (Eldorado)

Not attending

  • Jefferson Silva (Eldorado - vacation)
  • Yufen Kuo (Montavista)


  • Order and timing of releases. Fabio proposes abandoning 0.1.1 since there is no longer external pressure for an official release. This was agreed and accepted. Fabio to clean up Bugzilla.
  • The question still remains if Montavista needs an official release of TML prior to Galileo. 0.3M4 will have the contribution from Montavista in it. Motorola may need TML 0.2 in January or February. Action on Eric to contact Montavista again.
  • Action on Eric to check if release reviews happen at each milestone or just one at the end.
  • Fabio is beginning to integrate the external contribution from Yufen Kuo. He will submit the vote on the portal this week.
  • After reviewing the conversations on CVS vs. SVN the group is comfortable with making the migration to SVN. This migration will occur after 0.3 M4 +0 unless opposition is raised prior to that date.
  • Eric and Fabio are working on the checklist of requirements for the Galileo train release.
  • Discussion of alternate times to accommodate new attendees from APAC. It was agreed that we could meet at 2200 UTC if necessary.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on November 25, 2008

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