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Invited Attendees

  • Christian Kurzke (Motorola)
  • Mauren Brenner (Motorola)
  • Fabio Fantato (Motorola)
  • Daniel Franco (Motorola)
  • Jefferson Silva (Motorola)


  • TmL project status
  • Status of committer agreements
  • Round table


  • Motorola legal has cleared the members committer agreement and Christy signed it. Christian emailed Eclipse legal on Friday for further instructions on whom to send it to.
  • Tomorrow at PMC Christian, Mauren and Fabio Fantato shall be nominated as initial committers for TmL.
  • The TmL submission to Eclipse Summit Europe was dropped due to the high volume of material from more mature DSDP projects.
  • Christian will probably attend the Eclipse meeting in Chicago. Other TmL contributors will look into this.
  • Coding status: the TmL team are cleaning up, refactoring and restructuring the TM-integrated version of the emulator framework; the team are also working on improvements to the VNC viewer, e.g. support to keysims; and working on the roadmap as well to identify other features that might be nice to have in the emulator framework.
  • Other features that should be looked into are a messaging centre tool and support to JTAG and the like.
  • Suggested improvement and use case for communication between the device and the viewer: add a way for the emulator to communicate the device to the viewer.

Next Steps and Action Items

  • Nomination of initial committers at the PMC meeting on 08 August 2007.
  • Getting member company agreement into the hands of the Eclipse Foundation so the committer questionnaire can be filled in and access to CVS granted to the initial committers.

Next Meeting

The next open meeting will be on 21 August 2007, same time and dial-in.

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