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Invited Attendees

  • Christian Kurzke (Project Leader)
  • Mauren Brenner
  • Fabio Fantato
  • Javier Montalvo-Orus (Symbian/TM)


  • Project status
  • Round table

Detailed Summary

  • Look into possibility to contribute core VNC engine into Target Management
    • Send a package to Javier for them (TM) to check if it is ok to contribute to TM
    • Keep in mind to keep the VNC component extensible and flexible
    • Think about how to add extensions to the VNC protocol to handle different input devices and more than one screen
  • Update use cases on the wiki page and send message to mailing list
    • Reflect state change/checkpointing of emulator state. This could be used for scripted testing.
    • Support to emulator instances running remotely.
  • Use mailing list to communicate ideas for use cases and requirements
  • Evaluate ways to show "visual presentations" during future conference calls. (WebEX, etc??)

Summary of current development

  • Properties of emulator instances integrated into Eclipse as property editor
  • Emulator instance view grouped by emulator instance with filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Emulator lifecycle (start/stop) from control panel view
  • One view per emulator
  • Emulator perspective
  • VNC viewer
  • How to handle IP discovery?
    • Look into TM 2.0M6 which has a multicast discovery protocol (similar to iTunes)

Next Steps and Action Items

  • Send a package with VNC viewer code to Javier to check if it can be contributed to TM.

Next Meetings

  • Next meeting shall be back on Tuesday as usual, i.e. on 15 May 2007 at 7:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

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