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Feel free to edit this page to add information for other testers!

Known issues and workarounds

New stuff to try out

  • 3.1m5 New&Noteworthy
    • Telnet and SSH Shells now use the Generic Terminal-To-Shell Adapter
    • Locating an item in the RSE Tree, based on selection in any other RSE view or the project Explorer / Resource Navigator
    • Remote CDT Launch now supports running arbitrary shell commands on remote before running the app
  • 3.1m4 New&Noteworthy
    • New Prompt handling for DStore Shells
    • RSE Terminals Subsystem is now public API
  • 3.1m3 New&Noteworthy
    • Drag & Drop for files and folders with special characters in odd non-English encodings
    • Many DStore Remote Search fixes (involving symbolic links, cycles, performance of large remote trees)
    • Conflict handling when saving remote edited files
  • 3.1m2 New&Noteworthy

Other Recommended Test Procedures


Let us know here if you joined, what Host/Target configuration you used, and what you tried out.

  • Martin Oberhuber: WinXP / Linux-SSH
  • Benjamin Muskalla: Linux (Ubuntu) / Linux (Gentoo)
  • Anna Dushistova: Linux (OpenSuse 10.3) / Linux (OpenSuse 10.3)-SSH/Telnet

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