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DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 3-May-2006

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Meeting Title: Conference Call on Target Management
Date & Time: Wednesday May 3, 2006 at 9am PST
Primary International Dial-in: +44 (0)1452 567588
USA Freephone Dial-In: +1 (866) 6161738
UK National Dial-In: 08712460713
Passcode: 0587322148 #


  • Martin Oberhuber, Brian Netteleton - Wind River
  • David Dykstal, Kushal Munir, Dave McKnight - IBM
  • Ewa Matejska, Palm Source
  • Javier Montalvo and Neil Taylor, Symbian
  • NNN - Montavista
  • Doug Schaefer - QNX
  • Aaron Spear, Mentor Graphics
  • Mark Bozeman,
  • Peter Lachner, Intel
  • Kirk Beitz, Freescale
  • Greg Watson, LANL (PTP lead)
  • Tianchao Li - Technische Universitaet Muenchen (work with LANL on PTP)

The call is open for everyone else to attend.

Meeting Notes

Update on RSE Status (Dave D)

    • M1 delivered 18-Apr-2006. Tested and reasonably stable, but some features had to be dropped (see the release notes).
    • Will need some replanning for M2 and beyond
      • M2 to include planned M1 features plus probably a few more
      • user actions and import/export to be delayed to M3, community is OK with that.
      • Might need another milestone before achieving release status
  • Next steps on RSE: Most wanted by the community
    • DaveD: do a daily driver schedule, i.e. 2-3 automated builds each week
    • Ewa: need ssh service integrated to CVS
      • MartinO: have an updated ssh service including file transfer via sftp, expect on bugzilla the next days
    • Greg: Need client on MacOS and probably Power Linux. Probably make MacOS a reference platform? Could contribute resources for build and testing.
      • DaveD to send instructions for automated builds on the mailing list.
    • Ewa: Workflow for adding a Service to be made simpler.
      • Good ISV docs are available but outdated, DaveD wants to add them to M3
      • Add Daytime and SSH examples, Dave McKnight to review if they can be made simpler (does the API really require a ConnectorServiceManager? Which classes are the absolute minimum for a Service?)
    • Put contributions from Bugzilla into CVS soon (ssh, daytime, cdtremote), in order to make sure they take part in refactorings
      • Provide CVS Project Set files (*.psf) to make it easier for developers to pick up newly added projects
    • Update site is not an immediate issue, this is more for users but currently it's more developers working on RSE. Want to do an update site but probably after M2.
    • Lower the bar: overview and getting-started on website (MartinO)

How to communicate (MartinO)

  • Do more in Bugzilla!
    • RSE bugreports and enhancement requests
    • API Review is an important task for M2 and beyond. File Bugzilla entries for discussions on APIs
    • Technology sub-groups to track their discussions in Bugzilla instead of the mailing list
      • Easier to find, associate and get started for newcomers
      • Wiki pages for technology sub-groups will hold links to Bugzilla discussions
      • Send an E-Mail to dsdp-tm-dev when a new Bugzilla Entry is created for a discussion. MartinO, or other committers, to update the Wiki with links to Bugzilla entries.
      • MartinO to find out if Wiki notifications can be configured to go to the tm-dev list

Eclipse Release Review Requirements (MartinO)

  • We're currently in Incubation phase. In order to be able to make a 1.0 release, we'll have to go through a release review. Before we pass the release review, we can only do 0.x releases.
  • Release Reviews are not an easy thing, Eclipse Foundation puts the bar pretty high
  • The actual Review typically takes place around the time a first release candidate is built
  • Start addressing issues required by Release Review early, in order to avoid a big bang late in the game:
    • Work on Eclipse Quality APIs
      • Tool and API usability (for users and for programmers)
      • Non-code aspects e.g. documentation
      • IP Logs
    • Grow the community

Update on Autodetect (Javier)

  • looked at Zeroconf (used by Apple for Plug&Play)
    • plugins for discovery through Zeroconf in ECF
    • Community seems to accept that Zeroconf is the right thing - also implemented in very small devices
  • Javier to capture mailinglist discussions in a Bugzilla entry
  • MartinO: Zeroconf is good, but make sure that APIs can also be implemented by an alternative service that does not necessarily use a protocol on the wire (e.g. discover services by looking at JTAG config files, kernel images)
  • Aaron: Legacy devices connected via Serial
    • Javier: Proxy server attached to Legacy device
    • Might want to connect to JTAG etc

PTP Needs / Collaboration (Greg W)

  • Remote Services aspect is very important to PTP
  • Remote Launch capabilities
  • Remote Build
  • Looked into Eclipse Filesystem (EFS)
  • Looked at EFS implementation in RSE; looks like RSE is duplicating a lot from the Platform; currently working more towards the platform
  • Want to work closely with TM and CDT communities
  • Dave McKnight to work with PTP community on EFS
    • Should start discussion on EFS vs. RSE
  • PTP monthly telecon next week

Other Technology Sub-Groups

  • Connectors: Peter L been busy lately, will start on Connectors in 1 week
  • Shared Board Labs: Interest by Windriver, Freescale, Mentor; probably no deliverables till M1, but start planning / design in time (we should make plans for next year just before 1.0 is released)

Action Items still open from last meetings

  • Symbian:
    • Write up interface description for "Service" as understood by Symbian
  • MartinO:
    • Start EMO process for Jakarta Commons

New Action Items

  • DaveD:
    • Send instructions for automated builds (on MacOS / LinuxPPC) to GregW
  • Dave McKnight:
    • Review daytime & ssh code and look for possible simplifications for adding a service
    • Start feature discussion RSE vs. Platform / EFS with PTP people (bugzilla or mailinglist; a feature document should eventually be available from the website)
  • MartinO:
    • Update Project Plan, Website
    • Deliver ssh service enhancements
    • Check Wiki notifications
  • Javier:
    • Capture autodetect on bugzilla
  • Everyone:
    • RSE usage and API reviews --> Bugzilla

Next Meeting

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