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Meeting Title: TM Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday Nov 3, 2010 at 1600 UTC / 1200pm Toronto ATTENTION DST CHANGE!
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Dial-in: Martin to call everybody by Skype
Interested Parties ping martin.oberhuber on Skype Chat for getting added to the call.

Backup dial-in: Freephone +1 (866) 8693090 / Passcode: 0587322148 #
Austria 01 928 7547 / Russia 81080029331012 / Germany 069222216110

Skype dial-in: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kevin.j.doyle, xuan.chen886, eugenetarassov, michael_scharf, uwe.stieber, radoslav.gerganov, wrsfburton, anna_dushistova.


  • Dave M, Anna, Martin


  • Last DSDP/TM/Meetings/6-Oct-2010
  • Dave M: Are L-builds still triggered automatically by Mapfile release?
    • Martin: Yes, twice a day
  • Anna: Pinged Dave C about Builder recommendations - no response
    • Anna met Jessica Zhang, who's managing Intel/Yocto group behind TCF contributions
    • Continuing to help Intel/Yocto with TCF contributions


  • Dave D - probably 1st wk November

Action Items

  • Last DSDP/TM/Meetings/6-Oct-2010
    • Ok green.gif Anna get in touch with Dave C about build technology
    • Dave D create follow-up bug for bug 321766 (disconnect to cancel connect); try TM 3.2.1 on Eclipse SDK 4.0
    • Martin write up Wiki page "how to release" / streams description; try bug 195170 X port forwarding
    • Martin follow up with AC regarding build technology
    • All Fix target milestone of open bugs assigned 3.2.1

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