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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 28-Jun-2006

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday Jun 28, 2006 at 6.30am PDT / 8.30am CDT / 9.30am Toronto / 3.30pm Salzburg
Dial-in: Skype martin.oberhuber, ddykstal, david-k-mcknight, kushal_munir, mikey_yo

Fixed-line fallback dial-in:

  • International +1 314-655-1411
  • North America +1 877-422-0035 (toll free)
  • Passcode: 764918


  • IBM - Dave Dykstal, Dave McKnight, Kushal Munir, Michael Berger
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber


  • Our top goals
    • Grow the Communities - active users and adopters. Provide something useful, and help them adopt it (tutorial, docs, mailinglist help).
    • Get the APIs Right -- We need to enable API discussions in public.
    • Get our Processes in place.
  • Latest News
    • Thanks for handling the Project IP Log properly
    • Nightly builds in place as cron job on
    • vserver is set up, ready to serve online docs
  • Status wrt to the Project Plan
    • Finishing up M3 - Jun 30 - Functional Complete
      • Wizard replaceable - Kushal committed the change, some more bug fixes to come
      • Builds of User doc, Extension point doc, Dstore doc - DaveD
      • Unit tests - Mike?
        • Have ported the Framework + Tests -- 50 classes in 3 plugins -- but problems running it, keep working on it.
      • DaveM status? EFS status? Tom Hochstein help?
        • Some EFS bugs fixed, but not yet quite mature enough.
        • Want to deliver as a separate "optional" feature, similar to "Team Extras" feature; needs half a day to assemble automated build for this.
      • Open major and critical bugs
      • Automatic Update Site - Martin to look at after M3
      • Manual test plans - Martin to start putting together something
      • Testing - As sent on dsdp-tm-dev list
    • Features to be deferred
      • Examples as separate download - defer, together with experimental EFS download
      • User actions, Import/Export -- will be needed by IBM clients; deliver as "Experimental" but not part of 1.0, in order to have more time for the IP review
        • What about "external tools" integration?
    • Anything missing we need to do?
      • FTP: How to do remote copy & move? - Wait for Jakarta Commons
  • Work ahead (while DaveD is on vacation)
    • Overhaul docs to be in sync with current code
      • Userdoc: not in bad shape - needs manual review and update
      • ISV doc: structural changes,
        • link fixup (where ISV doc references the Javadoc) -- package name changes, classname changes -- get some tool help (import into a web building tool once it is built completely -- e.g. Adobe GoLive)
        • Mike could do a first pass (catalog things to be fixed), Kushal can do a second one after some more refactoring
    • More unit tests; server infrastrucure for automated testing
    • Kushal - More refactoring (until end of july -- to be finished before M4)
    • Drive the community RSE API Discussion -- API bug entries -- DaveM
    • Remove references to "IBM", "etools" and similar strings -- DaveM
    • Build warnings, usage of Platform Internal packages / classes
      • DaveD already removed "deprecated" stuff and tried to find alternatives to "internal" stuff
      • Some areas might not be easy (or even impossible) to remove -- most of them show up as warnings in PDE (currently 600)
      • "hygiene" changes -- make changes as we go along for now: fix build warnings when a file is edited anyway; everybody to use default warnings; have a separate task for remaining the rest after M4
    • Drive RSE 2.0 Planning
      • Want Requirements for 2.0 by the Release Review (1 week after M5, end of september)
      • Shall we have another F2F meeting? - Probably helpful if architectural things are to be discussed
      • CDT developer summit will be end of september
      • DD F2F not yet scheduled
      • Plans: All Experimental stuff; New protocols on connection side; F2F meeting probably in November?
    • Incorporate Jakarta Commons Net (as soon as approved by EMO)
  • Free discussion -- feelings, comments, critics

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD - Doc build, presistency bugs
  • DaveM - bug fixing, hygiene changes, drive API discussion
  • Kushal - bug fixing, refactoring, doc review
  • Mike - junit delivery, doc review
  • Martin - document bugzilla process and markups on website
    • Setup vserver for serving online docs
    • Review bug assignments, priorities, target milestones
    • Update Project Plan, manual test plan, update site

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