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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 15-May-2007

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Tuesday May 15, 2007 at 1500 UTC
Dial-in: International +44 (0)1452 567588
North America +1 (866) 6161738 (toll free)
UK National 08712460713
Passcode: 0587322148 #

MartinO to start conference call - please dial in using the numbers above.
Please be available for Skype Chat in parallel to the call. MartinO will start Skype chat just prior to call.
Skype fallback dial-in - only if less than 5 participants: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kushal.munir, javier.montalvoorus, tedatteddotnet, michael_scharf, and uwe.stieber.

Invited Attendees

  • IBM - Dave McKnight, Dave Dykstal, Kushal Munir, Kevin Doyle, Xuan Chen
  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo Orús
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber

This is an Open call, so anyone else can join (though we expect the talk to be interesting for committers only).


News & Review Action Items

Martin 100% RSE bugs and API changes as documented on bugzilla 100%
DaveD 80% 80%
DaveM 25% Bugfixes 50%
Kushal 40% BIDI Encodings 40%
Javier 30% FTP Parser Extension Point 30%
Ted 0% - 0%
Uwe 5% - 5%
Michael 10% 10%

Pending Approvals for API Changes

  • 186640 IRSESystemType.testProperty(), isLocal() and isWindows()
  • 186779 IRSESystemType.getAdapter()
  • 185098 Constants in IRSESystemType for the ID's for SSH, FTP, Discovery
  • 186773 Splitting ISystemRegistryUI from ISystemRegistry
  • 186748 Move ISubSystemConfigurationAdapter to org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystems
  • 186525 Move keystoreProvider to Core

M7 Testing

  • TM 2.0 M7 Testing
    • Thanks Kevin and Xuan -- 'ok' flag; Martin's assignments
    • I20070516 -- TM 2.0M7 (17th is a public holiday in Austria!)

Ramp Down Plan

  • TM 2.0 Ramp down Plan for Europa, based on Europa Simultaneous Release#Milestones and Release Candidates
    • RC1 -- Fri May 25 (5 work days) -- May 30: Release Review Slide Decks due
    • RC2 -- Tue Jun 5 (6 work days)
    • RC3 -- Thu Jun 14 (7 work days; Martin vacation 12-Jun til 21-Jun!)
    • RC4 -- Thu Jun 21 (5 work days)
    • EUROPA -- Jun 29
  • More risky fixes OK for M7, less risky afterwards; don't want to re-test everything with the RC's but only verify bug fixes
  • Lots of bugs still assigned to M7 / RC1 -- please review and fix target milestone
  • Do we really want to force 1-committer-approval for RC1?
    • Make approval recommended but not required for RC1
    • DaveD to do RC3 and RC4 instead of Martin -- do RC1 and RC2 together; DaveD supervising translation tests during RC1 -- do RC1 early morning on friday

Bugs and open work to be discussed

  • Current Priorities
    • Priority #1: Converge to a Stable Build for Testing
      • Javier: 176216 Try to improve FTPListingParser as per Martin's suggestions as much as possible -- persistence of the parser setting (see DaveD below: 142806, 153632)
      • DaveD: 177329 Persistence locks the workspace / thread handling: provider outside workspace / independent of IResource - APIs done, provider in metadata TBD AI DaveD fix today
        • 168870 org.eclipse.rse.core in the UI plugin: SystemBasePlugin (reduce usage to 0 and get rid of it?), ISystemRemoteElementAdapter (only Shell!), ISystemRemoteObjectMatcher; AI Martin take from DaveD
        • 142806 attributes not written to DOM; - probably fixed already, FTP properties is an example of this; 153632 incorrect filterpool for dstore - AI DaveD checking today
        • 176211 org.eclipse.rse.internal.model in the UI plugin: SystemHostPool (create an interface IRSESystemTypeAdapter) - tricky, not for 2.0
        • 183771 StandardCredentialProvider without UI if password is stored; - almost there, not a priority since there are other UI dependencies we won't get around for 2.0 -- leave as is for now
      • DaveM: Delete Local Connection: going forward with the change
        • Switching service of an existing connection: filter pool dstore.files is different than ssh.files -- when switching the service type, the filters are lost. When switching on "create in this connection only", would it be kept? Should this option be default? - Solution for the future to make it explicit: "Do you want to copy the filters to the new service?"
          • Decision: We should be able to share file filters among all subsystems that can handle files. AI DaveM to take a look at it but it is technically difficult, will break workspace compatibility and he's not sure if he can get it done. If breaking workspace compatibility, now is the time to do so.
        • 173042 Refresh in the SystemView - being handled by Martin now
        • 167620 delete many items has remote queries on dispatch thread - delete being done on SystemView itself, so adapter is called on dispatch thread -- envision solving it by doing delete in a Job and then doing a refresh on the view. Martin: delete should also work in a non-UI scenario without any SystemView. Risky but better do it now. AI DaveM to look at it
      • Martin: 175680 cleanup ISystemRegistry - probably bring more into non-UI; 173042 Refresh; 172650 Capabilities; 176461 expand-to-level; 170910 Integrate Terminalview;
      • Kushal: Single "Encoding" control on the Host (for all subsystems) - AI Wanted to check in last week?
    • Priority #3: Bugs
      • Bugzilla: Severity Major, hi-priority
      • EFS: Copy(), Move(); Open Remote Project on Startup: Get rid of IResource dependencies where possible; minimal plugin activations; UI/Non-UI
  • General Guidelines
    • Avoid breaking API changes after end of this week

Vacation, Away

  • Monday May 21st is Victoria day in Canada (public holiday)
  • DaveD travelling next week, but that shouldn't affect anything

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD: Translation Testcases; Persistence Provider without IResource; Get started on ICU4J with bug 183631
  • DaveM: Bugs
  • Kushal: BIDI bugs and Encodings
  • Martin: Inform the community about dropped user actions; API cleanups; Testing Stats; Refresh improvements; Integrating Terminal with RSE
  • Javier: Registering FTP Parser by extension point
  • Michael: Marking Terminal as provisional API

Next Meeting

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