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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 19Mar06



  • Mika
  • Martin
  • Shigeki
  • Doug


  • IP Due Diligence
    • Review process
    • Contribution plans from all projects
      • NAB - ready to submit NAB code. Code is attached to Bugzilla.
        • Engineers are subsidiary of Fujitsu or contractors - does it go through DueDil or not?
        • Do the EPL copyrights have to be in place prior to due diligence?
      • TM
        • Waiting on RSE to come out of Due Diligence
        • IBM is continue to develop from the baseline that was submitted for Dude Diligence.
      • DD
        • Memory view contribution
      • MTJ
        • IBM, Nokia contributions need to go through due dilligence
    • IP Log
      • Must record contributions of all developers. Keep contact information.
      • Name/Address/Phone# of contributions
  • Bjorn's email on committers - Our comments
    • Open the Wiki or create a Wiki-only commit.
    • Projects should have some flexibility in who they sign up.
    • We're ok with cleaning up inactives, but people doing something concreate (Web, Wiki, Requirements) are ok.
  • Website status updates
    • Project_info.xml
      • NAB - done
      • DD - done
      • TM - done
      • MTJ - still working on
    • Project plans
      • NAB - done. For next release, need more milestones and features.
      • DD - done. Most functionality is releasing in the platform.
      • TM - done. Version numbering - IBM has restarted at 1.0 with open source.
      • MTJ - still working on
      • Checkpoint and Release reviews - what do we need to do? Everyone should go back and read the development process documents. Incubation exit phase is also important to read.
    • Issues with Phoenix
      • Download link is hard-coded on a per-project basis. Email webmaster to change if yours isn't working.
  • Other Provisioning Issues
    • NAB - review provisioning email (looks good to me)
    • Other issues?
  • Java 5 vs. Java 1.4.2
    • Mika was just wondering if anyone had any problems.
    • Martin thinks it's ok for the major platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris).
  • EclipseCon
    • Booth staffing
      • 5-8 slot for project leads. Doug sent email for other open slots.
      • MTJ plans - Mika has a presentation
      • NAB - Will demo from Doug's machine
    • General plans
      • Potential BOF for all of DSDP
  • Embedded Systems Conference
    • Eclipse Booth & DSO World
    • Mika and Shigeki cannot attend. Doug will represent their projects.
  • General
    • Need a mailing list?

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