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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 16Feb06



  • Shigeki Moride
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Doug Gaff


  • Membership diversity
    • All projects will work on increasing membership diversity.
    • EMO just wants to ensure that the projects are open and serving the needs of multiple companies
  • Website and Project Plan
    • TM - project plan is powerpoint from Chicago meeting - can create something more exact until we meet in Toronto. Will convert this to PHP.
    • NAB - end of may (beta), end of june (NAB 1.0)
    • MTJ - no update
    • DD - should have website and plan posted by end of this week.
  • Provisioning
    • NAB - Fujitsu hasn't signed the member committer agreement. Shigeki-san waiting on that. Doug offered to upload site for Shigeki while he's waiting.
    • TM - new committers added
    • DD - waiting until Toronto in order to add committers from other companies
    • MTJ - no update
  • General Discussion
    • Martin: Do we need a PMC for each sub-project?
      • That is up to the sub-project. When the sub-projects get large enough, a sub-project PMC probably makes sense.
      • The DSDP PMC isn't meant to run all of the sub-projects. It's only meant to deal with official duties listed in the charter and also to ensure the sub-projects are following the Eclipse development process.
    • DSDP Workshop in Japan
      • AI: Shigeki to put together an Agenda for PMC feedback
      • AI: Doug to talk to Akemi-san from Wind River KK to possibly help out
      • AI: Doug will send ESC paper to be translated for Workshop
  • Future meetings
    • Try using Skype audio. Sound quality from Japan was much better for this call. If we all use Skype, we won't need to pay for long distance.
    • Next meeting: Face to face PMC meeting at EclipseCon. Doug to send an email to suggest a time.

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