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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 08Jul09



World Clock

Dial-in Info

  • US toll-free: 866-869-3090
  • US toll: 9144958462
  • Japan: 0120958467
  • Austria: 0800005994
  • Germany: 08006647483
  • Passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Doug Gaff, PMC Lead
  • Eric Cloninger, TmL
  • Christian Kurzke, MTJ/Pulsar
  • Shigeki Moride, NAB
  • Martin Oberhuber, TM/TCF
  • Dave Russo, RTSC
  • Wayne Parrot (guest), Blinki
  • (absent) Bob Frankel (guest), D-Pack

New Business

  • Apologies from Doug for being distracted
  • Wayne and Bob on the PMC
    • Doug: Vote email for adding Wayne to PMC.
    • Waiting on d-pack progress before voting Bob on.
  • Blinki update
    • Blinki website is setup. Some Blinki press around Galileo. Blink talk coming up at mobile AJAX conference (mid-Sept).
    • Technical: webkit for SWT in progress commercially. In 2 weeks, he's hoping to start IP on parts of this.
    • 6 committers lined up now.
  • D-Pack (no update)
  • Discuss TmL -> TFM
    • Scope change: "Tools for Mobile". Removing Linux. Adding some Pulsar stuff that was in MTJ.
    • Putting together a "Move / Scope Change Review" slide deck.
    • Name?
    • Eric: Send TmL -> TFM slide deck and conduct Move/ScopeChange Vote.
  • Discuss creating TCF project separately from TM
    • TCF and TM have different sets of committers and the technologies are not exactly related.
    • Martin wants to raise the visibility and clean up the administrative stuff.
    • Martin would like to lead the TCF project. No objections from the PMC.
    • Martin: TCF new project docuware and vote.
  • Project status (see below)
  • Eclipse Summit Europe
    • Wayne and Christian: ESE participation? Call for Papers Deadline is Aug 18.
    • Blinki?
    • Pulsar? Christian will not be able to travel because of budget. Might be able to get someone from Europe (maybe Nokia).
  • Next Meeting: TBD.

Project Status

  • Blinki
  • Incubator
    • No updates
  • MTJ/Pulsar
    • 1.0 release in Galileo! API stabilization. Will continue to focus on this.
    • Pulsar package in Galileo.
  • TmL
  • NAB
    • Demo CQ
    • Eclipse Japan Galileo language pack.
    • Doug: Follow up with Denis on installing Japanese language pack on Bugzilla 3.2 test install.
  • RTSC
    • Transitioned bug tracking to bugzilla.
    • Newsgroup traffic is picking up.
    • Some infrastructure cut over.
    • Binary downloads of RTSC will be open and free to the public soon. No connection to TI anymore. Action: Resolve over email.
    • Dave: Email PMC with RTSC binaries/build question.
  • TM
    • Release 3.1 with Galileo.
    • TCF split described above.
  • D-Pack

Old Business

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