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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 06Aug09



World Clock

Dial-in Info

  • US toll-free: 866-869-3090
  • US toll: 9144958462
  • Japan: 0120958467
  • Austria: 0800005994
  • Germany: 08006647483
  • Passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Doug Gaff, PMC Lead
  • Eric Cloninger, TmL
  • Christian Kurzke, MTJ/Pulsar
  • Shigeki Moride, NAB
  • Martin Oberhuber, TM/TCF
  • Dave Russo, RTSC
  • Wayne Parrot, Blinki
  • (absent) Bob Frankel (guest), D-Pack

New Business

  • D-Pack
    • Bob has some time problems. Not sure yet what the future of this proposal is.
  • Eclipse Summit Europe
    • Wayne and Christian: ESE participation? Call for Papers Deadline is Aug 18.
    • Blinki?
    • Pulsar? Christian will not be able to travel because of budget. Might be able to get someone from Europe (maybe Nokia).
  • Next Meeting: TBD.

Project Status

  • Blinki update
    • some movement on getting our webkit4swt codebase organized for the IP process. Made good progress last week but still have more to do as it is a giant mix of C, C++, and Java (1GB). Also there is a new SWT bug requesting a WebKit browser implementation which may create some cross project communications once we get this contribution through the IP process.
    • we (genuitec) have been doing a lot of mobile web development and gaining a clearer appreciation of where some of the big challenges are. As a result we are firming up a plan of attack that we want to pursue for getting Blinki really moving. We have had a couple of conf calls with a potential collaborating organization that is very interested in the project and may provide resources to help. Hope to provide more info when I return from vacation on the 17th.
    • Greg Amerson (Genuitec, Blinki committer) and I gave a talk at Mobile Monday DFW last Monday. The talk included introduction to Eclipse, Pulsar and Blinki. It was well received (approx 50 attendees). Good exchanges with local developers from iPhone, Android and Nokia/Symbian communities as well as a few carrier personnel.
  • D-Pack
  • MTJ/Pulsar
    • Update on moving Pulsar stuff to TFM.
    • Mot corp direction: Android is the new focus. Java will have less of a corporate focus over the next year.
    • Engineering contribution will drop off at some point. Christian will maintain leadership, but is open to passing it on to someone else like RIM or Symbian.
  • Tools for Mobile (TFM) - Working name for TmL rescoped.
    • Need to get the name taking caring.
    • Move review in progress.
  • NAB
    • Talk request for eclipse automotive application. Oct/November.
    • Would like to talk about DSDP status / information. Doug: send Shigeki latest DSDP presentation.
    • Doug: Follow up with Denis on installing Japanese language pack on Bugzilla 3.2 test install.
  • RTSC (no update)
    • Transitioned bug tracking to bugzilla.
    • Newsgroup traffic is picking up.
    • Some infrastructure cut over.
    • Binary downloads of RTSC will be open and free to the public soon. No connection to TI anymore. Action: Resolve over email.
    • Dave: Email PMC with RTSC binaries/build question.
  • TM
    • Galileo SR work.
    • Next item: Splitting TCF out. Martin: TCF new project docuware and vote.

Old Business

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