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DSDP/PMC/MTJFollowUp 1Nov07



Conf number: 800-741-0846 (706-679-9532), passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Rich Barlett, Nokia Board Rep (traveling)
  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM, MTJ committer
  • Andrew Sandstrom, IBM
  • Christian Kurzke, Motorola, TmL project lead
  • Doug Gaff, Wind River, DSDP PMC lead
  • Craig Setera, EclipseME lead, MTJ contributor
  • Ken Wallis, RIM
  • Cassidy Gentle, RIM
  • John Edward, RIM (unable to attend)
  • Gustavo Paula, CESAR
  • Hugo Raneire, CESAR
  • Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  • Samir Nigam, Sybase
  • Thibault Rouffineau, Symbian (absent)

Agenda and Minutes

  • Action item review from last meeting
    • Christian: will talk to Christy at Mot to see if more staffing is possible
      • Talked with Christy and Dino. Dino has the budget.
      • In general, they have resources they can put in MTJ. Requirement is to make MTJ commercially viable for them. They don't want to drive both EclipseME and MTJ. They need one solution that they can base MOTODEV studio on.
      • Gustavo and Hugo are potentially candidates. Gustavo would be prime contact. Budget will open up at the end of the year for potentially more staffing. 2 additional people behind the scenes part time.
    • Andrew/Kevin: will get clarity on IBM strategy and possible staffing
      • Still 1 part-time person, probably 50% at least until the end of the year.
      • Unlikely to increase.
    • Other companies: go back to your companies and explain how close MTJ is to 1.0. Is it strategic enough to step up and contribute?
      • RIM: position is the same as last meeting. They're still a ways off from contributing yet. Doug requested that they participate in a user role.
      • Sybase: same as last meeting. Observing at this point.
  • Discussion and next steps
    • Christian: we need to get this more transparent, and we need participation from Craig, Kevin, and RIM. This can just be run like it was run under Nokia. I'd like to stress more of the product side of MTJ.
    • Craig: I'm willing to help, especially on architecture.
    • Kevin: Very supportive of what Christian is saying. We must gather a bigger community in this project. Some concerns about Christian's statements about not caring too much about frameworks.
    • Christian: The batch contribution model from before is bad. We need to do continuous contribution.
    • Discussion about MIDP vs. CDC. Discussions about making a product vs. a framework.
    • Comments from Mike
      • Echoes the transparent process points.
      • There are a lot of users of eclipse for Java development. We can eventually tap into those resources.
      • Extensibility is key. Code is key.
    • Craig: I have a lot of users of EclipseME, but I never got any developers. Partially my fault, because I didn't create the tutorials to make it possible for people to get on board. The other facet is just transitioning standard Java to building Eclipse plug-ins.
  • Next steps
    • Step 0:
      • "Under new management" on the MTJ home page.
      • Documentation collection and review.
    • Step 1: Getting up to speed - project history, architectural understanding.
      • Maybe conference calls every other week, plus reviewing the meeting history.
      • Depends on Kevin's schedule.
      • Kevin: first meeting to point to architecture documents
      • Christian will follow-up to coordinate this meeting
    • Step 2: Architecture & Roadmap
    • Step 3: Project Leadership nomination

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