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DSDP/NAB/Ramp down Plan for Ganymede


Ramp down for Ganymede

For reference, see the Ganymede Simultaneous Release, in particular the Ganymede Simultaneous Release#Milestones and Release Candidates.

When referring to API freeze, we mean public API for the NAB plugins only, and NOT internal API for these plugins.

Typically the last week of a Milestone is for testing, and fixing only regressions and P1 or blocking defects.

Policy by Milestone


NAB has it's API freeze at M7+3. Beyond M7, until NAB 0.9.9 is released, no API changes are planned or expected for any NAB plugins.

If some unexpected API change is required, then this will only be done after a positive vote of the NAB committers (i.e. majority of +1, no -1).


NAB will have it's feature freeze at RC1+3 (May 21). This will mean no new/additional user-visible features will be planned or expected to be introduced beyond this point.

If a user-visible feature change must occur to address a major or critical bug, the fix will only be applied after the project lead and other committers have agreed to and then separately tested the fix.

RC2 to Release

Primary activity will be in testing, reporting, and addressing major or higher bugs. Documentation additions and changes can and will continue until 3 days before Ganymede Release (June 22).

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