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DSDP/DD/Phone 7-February-2008

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Thursday 7 February 2008 at 7:30am PDT / 10:30am EDT
USA tool free dial-in: (888) 545-8370
International dial-in: (770) 659-3936
Passcode: 5107492128#


Anthony (Arm), Marc (Ericsson), Darin (IBM), Pawel (Wind River), Ted (Wind River), Samantha (IBM), Mikhail (Arm), Denis Pilat (ST Micro)

Agenda and Notes

  • Status bu sub-group
    • SPIRIT (Anthony)
      • IP XACT 1.4 approved for release on March 12th
      • IP XACT Editor Anothy is adding tests for semantic rule checker
      • Ready to check in major refactoring of the editor related partly to 1.4 spec, and general cleanup.
    • Memory (Samantha)
      • Ted contributed a couple of patches to improve workflow in Memory view.
    • Disassembly (Mikhail)
      • Source lookup issues in integrating with disassembly view.
      • Started work on mixed source and disassembly. A lot of this work is target specific, but common components in the feature include preferences.
      • End of March (M6) is an optimistic deadline, could deliver the viewer and APIs, but not a reference CDI-based implementation.
    • DSF (Pawel)
      • Major UI components refactoring.
      • Working on the PD
    • GDB/MI (Marc)
      • Expression Service finished
      • Breakpoints service finished
    • Multi Context (Pawel)
  • Discussion Topics
    • Prospects for Debug Platform patches in 3.4
      • bug 211158 (Add a modules view to the set of standard debugger views.) - likely to be included in M6
      • bug 212316 (Allow multiple debuggers to create breakpoints using the same editor.) - Not likely to happen in 3.4.
      • bug 188704 (Top index not maintained properly in variables / registers view.) - Waiting for PMC approval.
      • bug 216373 ([expressions] "Create Watch Expression" action should appear in any view (like an objectContribution).) - Just a fix, not an API issue so it can be applied in M6 or M7,
      • Debug Platform Bugs fixed in 3.4 so far Thank You!
    • DSF-GDB Bundling with CDT
    • Memeory View Patches
      • Ted is working on updates to the Memory view patches
      • Timing:
      • For the rendering tabs, till M6
      • For go to toolbar, it's probably too late because of API freeze in M5.
  • Action Items:

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