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DSDP/DD/Phone 7-Feb-2007

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Wednesday 7 February 2007 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
USA tool free dial-in: 800-741-0846
International dial-in: 706-679-9532
Passcode: 7817182169#

Agenda and Minutes

  • Intros - STMicro
    • Salvatore - ST provides Eclipse-based software to support their chips
    • His division is specifically focused on microprocessors.
    • Dev spread out over Europe.
    • Memory Mapped Registers View
      • IP-XACT 1.1 or 1.2 standard
      • Anthony: looks like a useful contribution, but can it be integrated with standard register view?
      • Aaron: how do you parse the xml file? (a: in Java)
      • Doug: are you looking at standard register view and flex hierarchy? Salvatore: not yet.
      • Mikhail: Could this make a good renderer in the memory view?
      • Randy: bit fields as text? (a: yes) Are you contributing the java readers (a: yes)
      • Aaron: target descriptions: where does this live? Some backends need IP-XACT in the engine, others (like what Salvatore is demoing) need the IP-XACT in the view.
      • Lots of discussion about parsing xml in Eclipse vs. in Debug Engine.
      • Next steps
        • Salvatore: figure out how we can try out register/disasm with GDB and submit a patch
        • Aaron: start working on the target data model architecture and circulate ideas
  • DSF status update
    • Any updates from Darin on M5?
      • Darin: investigate getting PDA example committed for unit testing. Not yet in CVS. Waiting on EclipseCon tutorial completion.
      • Randy: investigate potential simulation options for testing, e.g. QEMU
    • Pin/Clone - Pawel / Darin
      • Pin/Clone: Darin doesn't have time to finish this for 3.3. There are several use cases yet to decide. Must be deferred until after 3.3. We will start work on this immediately after 3.3.
    • Memory view update
      • See status on Wiki page. User preference API added. New HexInt with endianness added.
      • Samantha: investigate getting the memory simulator committed for testing. Still to do.
    • SPIRIT DWG and contributions - Anthony / Aaron
      • IP-XACT editor due diligence in progress. Won't be able to look at until after EclipseCon.
    • GDB/mi reference implementation - Doug
      • Update on Ericsson. Planning a coding camp face-to-face in Alameda, CA in either March or May.
  • Update on automatic builds, update site, Europa train - Ted
    • M4 finally testable.
  • Committer votes
    • Doug's reminder to do.
  • Recording of this meeting is here. Use the advanced Live Meeting


  • Aaron Spear - Mentor
  • Anthony Berent - ARM (may be late due to conflicting SPIRIT conference call).
  • Chris R
  • Darin
  • Dobrin, TI
  • Doug G
  • Doug S
  • Fran
  • Martin, TI
  • Mikhail
  • Patrick, TI
  • Pawel
  • Randy
  • Salvatore
  • Samantha
  • Ted
  • Mark Melvin - AMI Semiconductor (Unfortunately we can't make it to dial in due to a corporate meeting conflict)

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