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DSDP/DD/Phone 6-September-2007

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Thursday 6 September 2007 at 7:30am PDT / 10:30am EDT
USA tool free dial-in: (888) 545-8370
International dial-in: (770) 659-3936
Passcode: 5107492128#


Pawel Piech (Wind River), Chris R. (IBM), Alan Boxall (IBM), Darin Wright (IBM), Doug Gaff (WRS), Anthony Berent (ARM), Aeron Spear (Mentor Graphics), Veenu Verma (Ericsson), Marc (Ericsson), Francois (Ericsson), Mikhail (ARM), Doug Schafer (QNX), Randy Rohrbach (WRS), Dobrin (TI),

Agenda and Notes

  • Active sub-groups
    • There is no project current sub-group for flexible hierarchy, but this is reported through the platform mailing list etc.
  • Status bu sub-group
    • SPIRIT (Anthony)
      • Minor edits and fixes
      • Almost finished putting IPXACT 1.4 spec, planned to be.
      • No progress on ST contribution
    • Memory (Samantha)
      • Samantha on Vacation
    • Disassembly (Mikhail)
      • Started working on documentation with description of work (which requirements will be satisfied), and APIs description.
      • ARM deadline for implementation in 43rd week 2007.
    • DSF (Pawel)
    • GDB/MI (Veenu)
  • GDB Coding Camp on 24 September 2007
    • Dobrin, Mikhail (tentative)
  • Device Debugging Presentation at ESE
      • Attending: Doug Schafer, Doug Gaff, Pawel Piech
  • Process and planning

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