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DSDP/DD/Phone 6-Dec-2006

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Wednesday 6 December 2006 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
USA tool free dial-in: 800-741-0846
International dial-in: 706-679-9532
Passcode: 7817182169#

Agenda and Minutes

  • Intros
  • DSF status update
    • Flex Hierarchy - Pawel's recent changes to DSF, any updates from Darin
      • JFace based implementation is in. Seems to be very stable. Will be in M4. No doc yet to describe API changes yet. Will be a tutorial at EclipseCon & presentation at f2f. Will be an internal API for 3.3. Not enough input from JFace team yet.
      • Darin: investigate getting PDA example committed for unit testing.
      • Pawel spent a few weeks porting DSF to these new API's. Checked-in. Happy with the changes. Makes the viewers more scalable. Hasn't written complete unit coverage yet. Javadocs are updated.
      • Randy: investigate potential simulation options for testing, e.g. QEMU
    • Pin/Clone - Ted
      • Ted has a demo of pin/clone ready to give at f2f. Working on a use-case for defining scope visually. Would like Darin to review in January. M5 is API freeze - February.
    • Memory view update
      • Subgroup call on Monday. See Wiki - 3.3 plan. Migrating memory view to use the new tree viewer. Also talked about SPIRIT - would like it to be in DSF.
      • Samantha: investigate getting the memory simulator committed for testing.
    • SPIRIT DWG and contributions - Doug (Anthony is out of town, I think)
      • ARM member committer agreement complete.
      • Doug working with Anthony on getting the editor contributed.
  • Update on automatic builds, update site, Europa train - Ted
    • Nightly builds for DSF are in place now. Building against Platform from Nov 2.
    • Update site at M4.
  • Face-to-face
    • Attendee list check
      • QNX - is Alain coming? No, Alain has switched to another project for right now.
      • ARM - Anthony plans to be there
      • ATI - Aaron - no update.
      • PalmSource - Eva - no update.
      • TI
        • Paul G, Martin
      • Nokia
        • Ken can't travel but would like to participate remotely
    • DSF tentative goals for Jan
      • Expression services / Variables - Fran
      • Stack - Pawel
      • Caching / Command processing - Randy
      • Launch, STDIO - Pawel
      • Memory service - Ted
      • Disasm service / view - Ted
      • Registers - Randy/Ted - probably just same as at CDT conf
    • Coding camp ideas
      • Arch Tutorial
      • DSF sample service?
      • Small groups working on GDB/mi services?
      • What are people's needs?
      • Homework: reading up on docs, coming with a dev environment. We will supply vmware Linux if nec.
      • Feedback
        • TI: Services big picture - how to connect this to a debugger back-end.
        • Doug S: Sample services and MI implementation.
        • Ken: How processes flow through the code (like Pawel's sequence diagram).
        • Pawel: It will be hard to get started without giving an architectural overview. Beyond that, perhaps we see where curiosity drives folks.


  • Pawel, WR
  • Ted, WR
  • Darin W, IBM
  • Kenny Aaron, TI
  • Martin, TI
  • Randy Rohrbach, WR
  • Fran L, WR
  • Samantha, IBM
  • Ken R, Nokia
  • Doug S, QNX

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