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DSDP/DD/Phone 3-May-2006

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  • General topics
    • Bugzilla accounts coming soon to Wiki
    • Plug for testing Callisto
    • Next Meeting
      • Next phone meeting with use TM call-in number.
      • Face-to-face
        • Options: Toronto, Chicago, Ottawa, Boston
        • General preference is more phone meetings for now until we make more progress on technology subgroups.
  • Technology subgroup updates
    • Debug view - Paul Gingrich
      • No progres yet. Plan to go through bug reports to get initial requirements list.
    • Memory - Samantha Chan
      • Some progress: Went through bug list and updated wiki page.
      • Looking for more feedback. Will schedule a call and do some prototyping.
    • Expressions & Variables - Ken Ryall
      • Posted on Wiki. Some feedback from folks: "When can we have it."
    • Registers - Kirk Beitz
      • Some overlap with Expressions and Variables. Want to piggyback on the visual portions of those views.
      • Committer status done. Will post email content on Wiki.
    • Breakpoints - Ewa Matejska
      • Posting this week.
    • Console - Aaron Spear
      • Very preliminary requirements based on discussions on dd-dev thread
      • Status update on WR contribution: Doug G has started the internal signoff process for the terminal view.
    • Disassembly - Chris Recoskie
      • Patrick Chong will be driving this. Requirements first.
    • Views - multi-context, pin/clone, update policy - Darin Wright
      • In crunch mode for release. Will be done fixing by the end of next week.
      • 3.3 planning will start soon.
    • Debug Model - Pawel Piech
      • Update on WR prototype - Ted and Pawel have been working on a sample implementation of the 3.2 EDMI changes from Darin. This protoype will provide some basic GDB functionality. We hope to show this to the group soon.
      • CDT is looking at DD prototyping for next generation CDI. Need to present prototype and options at the Fall CDT conference.
    • Launching - Pete Nichols
      • No progress yet.
    • Editor - Ewa Matejska
      • Posting this week.
    • Source Lookup - Pawel Piech
      • No progress yet.
    • SPIRIT - Aaron Spear
      • Draft with comments on the Wiki. No new requirements or comments recently. WR and Mentor have provided most of the feedback so far.
      • Aaron would like to request again that the community review the document and provide feedback.
      • Doug S: how would these files be used from the Eclipse perspective?
        • Kirk: Dealing with the multitude of variants (register setup, etc), multicore - silicon vendors supply files
        • Doug: Also tools for generating and checking SPIRIT files.
        • Aaron: Also board vendors using tooling to combine SPIRIT files to describe their board.
        • Maybe JTAG should be part 2 of this? Aaron will outline the phases on the Wiki.


  • Samantha Chan, IBM
  • Ken Ryall, Nokia
  • Alan Boxall, IBM
  • Darin Wright, IBM
  • Martin Swiezawski, TI
  • Patrick Chong, TI
  • Paul Gingrich, TI
  • Aaron Spear, Mentor
  • Kirk Beitz, Freescale
  • Pete Lachner, Intel
  • Chris Recoskie, TI
  • Doug Shaeffer, QNX

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