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DSDP/DD/Phone 2-Aug-2006

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Wednesday August 2, 2006 at 10am PST (immediately following TM call)
Primary International Dial-in: +44 (0)1452 567588
USA Freephone Dial-In: +1 (866) 6161738
UK National Dial-In: 08712460713
Passcode: 0587322148 #

Agenda and Minutes

  • Update on breakpoints & disassembly view meetings - Ewa
    • Editor/Disassembly:
      • Mikhail will research whether disassembly can subclass from editor part instead of view part.
      • Pawel demo'd WR's editor, and folks liked the look.
    • Breakpoint view sub-call
    • Pawel: review breakpoints and disassembly and make a proposal for integraiton with DSF to this group.
  • Wind River Debugger Services Framework (DSF) contribution - Pawel
    • See DSF White Paper
      • Doug S is looking at this as the migration plan for CDT. He would like to port the MI model to this as soon as possible, but let vendors migrate when they can.
      • MI example (to be committed in the next day or so): Uses CDI implementation of MI commands.
      • Views: rely heavily on the flexible hierarchy in the platform views. Pawel thinks we should implement the compatibility platform debug model for 3rd party integration by provide a way to customized the platform debug views using the flexible hierarchy.
      • Next steps
        • Everyone: Review DSF docs and review examples
        • Feedback and questions on dd-dev: 1 month review with questions until
        • Present at CDT conference? Maybe some focused time for DD at this meeting.
  • Other subgroup updates?
    • Views
      • Pawel is happy with Darin's proposal.
      • Darin is waiting on PMC direction
      • Might be possible to staff the work as patches in the DD project - Darin will update us at the next meeting.
    • Launch
      • Alan will follow up with Pete
      • Dobrin has a debug contribution around launch-less debugging. Doug S recommended a bugzilla.
    • SPIRIT
      • Aaron touched base with ARM and ATI, but still waiting to hear back. Aaron will update us at the next meeting.
      • Native parsing library vs. Java parsing?
        • John: probably at the DE level (C++), but could also need to parse from Java.
        • Doug: At the DE level, but we could also use both.
        • Licensing plans? Is EPL usable with C++? May need to use Xerces (Apache) for XML parsing.
        • Aaron is working on example API's for feedback. Will follow up with some implementations.
  • Next Meeting: Wed, Sept 6, 10 am PT


  • Doug Gaff, WR
  • Mark Melvin, AMI
  • Pawel Piech, WR
  • Ken Ryall, Nokia
  • Samantha Chan, IBM
  • Aaron Spear, Mentor
  • Darin Wright, IBM
  • Ted Williams, WR
  • Eva Matejska, PalmSource
  • Alan Boxall, IBM
  • Patrick C, TI
  • John Cortell, Freescale
  • Doug Shaeffer, QNX
  • Dobrin Alexiev, TI

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