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DSDP/DD/Phone 1-Nov-2006

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Wednesday 4 October 2006 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
USA tool free dial-in: 800-741-0846
International dial-in: 706-679-9532
Passcode: 7817182169#

Agenda and Minutes

  • Update on Darin's progress
    • APIs for debug context service, debug commands, and pluggable source lookup are in 3.3 Milestone 3
      • See new packages org.eclipse.debug.ui.contexts and org.eclipse.debug.ui.commands
    • Flex Hiearchy - Darin working with JFace team on viewer implementation (on branch). Trying to decide where this should live. Would like to see this generally available. Some overlap with JFace data binding and Common Navigator, too. Boris from platform likes what Darin's done and wants to add some of our features into the data binding stuff. Boris is talking to common navigator folks to see where this should live: CN or JFace. Darin is concerned about a decision in time for API freeze. Option 1: another round of internal (and changed) API's.
    • Pawel: Happy about JFace performance changes. Ok with provisional API in 3.3. Probably won't be able to get this provisional in JFace, but Darin will ask.
  • DSF update – Pawel
    • Not much progress on MI implementation yet - finishing up a commercial release.
    • Trying to get as much refactoring done.
    • Adding unit test coverage on the framework.
    • Doug S will start looking at DSF in the next few weeks.
  • Memory rendering bug updates – Ted
    • (Update from Ted) I've actively been fixing memory rendering bugs. I added a preference page and will likely add tabs to it for additional preferences. I know there is a painting bug involving multiple instances and I'm working on a fix. Support for targets with addressable sizes greater than 1 (word addressable instead of byte addressable) is on the way possibly with AMI's help.
    • Samantha
      • Primary focus will be keeping up with platform changes
      • Migrating to async view
      • Buffer/page size - making this more customizable
      • Pin/Clone support
  • SPIRIT contributions – Anthony, Aaron
    • Committer agreement for Anthony (and Mikhail) moving slowly through legal.
    • The editor is at a state where they will be ready to contribute it. (This is the version derived from the WTP XML editor.) The EMF version is being rebuilt from scratch.
  • Roll call for face-to-face - January 9-10 - Doug G
    • Darin will attend. Anthony + no approval. Doug. Eva (tentative). Aarson. Samantha. Chris. Todd (someone from AMI). Domimique (Veenu + Martin). Randy.
  • Plug for EclipseCon talks – Doug G
  • Plug for the SPIRIT debug working group - Anthony
    • Aaron is already a member
    • Randy is interested
    • End of January - face to face
  • Dominique - Need to update the contribution list on website (Doug G to do). He is trying to recruit additional companies.


  • Darin W, IBM
  • Anthony Berent, ARM
  • Fran L, WR
  • Doug S, QNX
  • Ewa M, PalmSource
  • Aaron S, ATI
  • Samantha, IBM
  • Todd, AMI
  • Pawel, WR
  • Dominique, Ericsson
  • Randy Rohrbach, WR
  • Chris R, IBM

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