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There sub-groups were created during the face to face meeting in February 2006, but they never became very active.

Technology Lead Members
Debug view Paul Gingrich (TI) TBD
Expressions & Variables Ken Ryall (Nokia) Ted Williams (WR), Pete Nichols (IBM)
Registers Kirk Beitz (Freescale) Ted Williams (WR), Pete Nichols (IBM), ATI
Breakpoints Ewa Matejska (PalmSource) Pawel Piech (WR), Mikhail Khodjaiants (QNX), TI, Nokia
Console - Debug/Serial/Network Aaron Spear (Mentor) Freescale, AMI, PalmSource
Views - multi-context, pin/clone, update policy Darin Wright (IBM) Samantha Chan (IBM), Ted Williams (WR)
Debug Model Pawel Piech (Wind River) Mikhail Khodjaiants (QNX), Freescale, Nokia
Launching Pete Nichols (IBM) TI
Editor Ewa Matejska (PalmSource) Pete Nichols(IBM), Nokia
Source Lookup Pawel Piech (Wind River) Pete Nichols(IBM)

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