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This is the Disassembly Sub-group

The goal of this subgroup is to provide the debugger implementers with the UI components designed to display disassembly. Currently we are planning to contribute the resulting components to the CDT project with the gdb/mi backend (CDI and DSF) as a reference implementation. The public API of the disassembly package will be independent and can be used by any other model directly.

According to the discussion held by the DSDP/DD community (Disassembly Discussion) there is a demand to view the disassembly associated with a stack frame when the program being debugged is suspended, as well as the ability to disassemble an arbitrary range of memory. The latter can be implemented as a special memory rendering for the Platform memory view. The former requires a special window located in the editor area of Eclipse workbench (I prefer to call it "window" instead of "editor" to stress that there are no plans to make it editable, at least for now). There is also a set of actions associated with both of these components to support navigation, breakpoints, watchpoints, etc. The support of the run control actions is required for the disassembly window.

1. Special viewer for both components
The description of a viewer that is based on the SourceViewer class and utilizes the ideas used by the flexible-hierarchy tree viewers. The document associated with the viewer is based on the generic disassembly presentation model. To plug into the viewer clients are required to implement a set of adapters.

2. Disassembly window management
This part describes the disassembly window management mechanism that controls the life cycle of a disassembly window. Memory renderings are managed by the memory view.

3. Disassembly specific actions

Disassembly Subgroup Meetings

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