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DSDP/DD/DD 0.9 RampDownPolicy

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Under Construction

DD 0.9 release has been following the Europa milestones for the purpose of getting into practice of regular release cycles. For reference, see the Europa Simultaneous Release, in particular the Milestones and Release Candidates. However, aside from releasing on milestone dates, DD 0.9 release has not been following any of the other release guidelines intentionally, since the technology features have been, and are being developed continually through the ramp down cycle of Europa. Also, we expect the DD 0.9 release to be quickly superseded by DD 1.0M1 in both features and stability. Given all that, we can treat the DD 0.9 release also as practice of the release process rather than as a serious product release.

Instead of following the standard Europa ramp down policy from above, DD 0.9 ramp down will be the following:

  • We label HEAD as of 5-31-07 and use it as our branch point for 0.9 release.
  • Create a new version label R0_9 and apply it on top of the v0_9_0-RC2-20070530 version label.
  • Create a new branch R0_9_maintenance and base it on the R0_9 label.
  • Continue feature development in HEAD.
  • With +1 vote from PMC, commit fixes to P1 bugs to R0_9_maintenance branch.

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