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Custom Stereotype Dialogs

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  • Full name : org.eclipse.tigerstripe.workbench.base.customStereotypeDialog

Purpose : This extension point is designed to allow users to override the "standard" Stereotype Dialogs with replacements that implement logic that is specific to the given Stereotype. Some Stereotypes may refer to other model elements, or have complex string structures that the user has to enter. By creating custom dialogs, the end-user experience can be enhanced and simplified.

  • Usage :

There are two elements to be provided :

dialog_class : The dialog must extend the class :

org.eclipse.tigerstripe.workbench.ui.AbstractStereotypeInstanceEditDialog. As with other Dialog types, the main method for implementation is :

public Control createDialogArea(Composite parent) .....

Through the protected fields of IStereotypeInstance instance and IStereotypeCapable component, you can access the model using the Tigerstripe Model APIs.

stereotypeName : This should be the name of the Stereotype for whihc this Dialog is valid.

Note : the implementation of the Dialog is reponsible for determining if it is applicable for the given Model Component - use the "accprt() method if the Dialog only works on some component types.

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