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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 7-August-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 7 August 2008.


  • David
  • Martin
  • Ray Ellis
  • Leonard
  • Eric Rose
  • Srinivas
  • Sheldon
  • Hubert
  • JT
  • Ali
  • Jack


  • Proposal for new meeting time: Fridays at 10am. Mark has a new standing conflict for the current time. He will confirm when he returns from vacation whether that is a good time or not.
  • Reminder to make sure the i13 plan contains all ERs and high priority defects that we want to address for i13.
  • Around the room


  • No architecture call next week
  • New meeting time: Fridays at 10am, pending Mark's confirmation. Next arch call: August 22
  • Everyone should be sure to update i13 plan for summit
  • Ray posted XSLT implementation of query framework, and discussed a lot of the considerations and open issues related to this work. Ray also mentioned the applicability of XSLT to producing SQL, and discussed details of this with Hubert. Ali asked about using POJOs instead of DOM objects; Ray was not opposed to this but also felt that DOM objects offer more power and flexibility, given available tools. Ali mentioned that it might be worth converting the student/teacher sample to use the XSLT method.
  • Ray is going to convert one of the example MDRs (student-teacher) to using this approach so the entire community can see a full example. The community will provide assistance on a best effort basis. The current plan is still to defer actually incorporating this approach into the COSMOS base until after the 1.0 release. Ray will continue enhancing the code he's provided and will attach it to the bugzilla when he's satisfied with it. David to touch base with Mark on this approach.

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