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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 31-March-09


  • Josh (SAS)
  • David (IBM)
  • Mark M. (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • Joe (IBM)


  • i3 status
  • RM update
    • Reconciliation Taxonomy renaming and status
  • SDD update
  • Resolution for Java version for 1.1?
    • Java 5 completes EOL in October
    • Need to consider 1.6 for 1.1 or if not plan a 1.2/2.0 for Java 6 support late in 2009
  • Around the room


TODO actions are indicated with person's name in bold

  • Jason noted Ruth as no longer being a part of COSMOS. For the time being the team will continue w/ status quo of architecture calls on Tues and community calls on Wed. Those may consolidate later if there is duplication between the two. David noted keeping them separate has advantages should a dedicated PM resource materialize later. Jason to update the community call page with the new dial-in number.
  • The team review the i3 plan and reviewed the list of ERs that are not started or at risk. Consensus was that these items will not be done for i3 and those should be marked as a defer and migrated to an i4 plan page. Jason to create an i4 feature page if one hasn't already been created.
  • Jeff, Josh and David are to update the i3 feature page. Jason is to change ownership on the IP log bugzilla to himself and complete it by adding location information for the P2 jars currently used in the i3 driver.
  • SDD documentation for the current i3 driver is sparse but coming along.
  • Brad and Joe to check on CA/IBM adopters of the i3 driver. Brad has already responded that CA is not dependent on the i3 driver. Jason confirmed that SAS is not dependent on the i3 driver as well.
  • David gave the team and update on RM and the name change from the Reconciliation Taxonomy to Federation and Reconciliation Catalog?? <- David please make sure I got this right. I'm not sure I wrote that name down correctly.
  • Jeff gave an update on the SDD progress made further expanding on the OSGi implementation that Brad started. The SWT advisor is now firing, but the apartment threading model of SWT is causing some headache. Brad had some suggestions ... he and Jeff will converse offline.
  • Josh confirmed that CL2 rules have been committed and the ER for those rules has been marked as complete.
  • Regarding Java version, Jason proposed that we keep the level of Java for COSMOS proper at Java 5. There are a couple of known issues moving to Java 6 and full retesting of DV and DC would need to be done if we move to Java 6. David suggested that if certain components of COSMOS (SDD for example) need to use Java 6 that is an option to only support it at the sub-team level. Jason to explore this after the OSGi implementation has been fleshed out. Brad/Jeff if there are Java 6 language features that make for cleaner or more elegant implementation of the runtime, please let me know.
  • No items from around the room
  • Adjourn

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