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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 30-June-09


  • David (IBM)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)
  • Mark (SAS)


  • i5 status
    • Test phase/TPTP tests
  • i6 status
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Around the room


i5 candidate driver #2 was announced on Wednesday. Testing completed and the driver looks good. The team reviewed the i5 features that were not completed and moved them to i6. Josh commented on the CLI work that he is doing for translation key and talked the team through that design. It uses a simple Java properties file implementation and uses multiple property references in the translationKey attribute so that strings can reference other strings in the form of "some text {0} {1}" str1, str2 where the text of str1 is substitued for {0} and the text of str2 is substituted for {1}. Jeff took us through a quick update on the logging service and noted a small problem he discovered configuring it on Eclipse 3.5.

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