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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 29-July-09


  • David (IBM)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)
  • Mark (SAS)


  • i6
  • i7 plans
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Around the room


For i6 all tests were ran by Saurabh and Josh ran the SDD TPTP tests. All passed. With i6 winding down, it is now time to move towards i7 and the release review. On 7/31 Jason will email all inactive committers to gather status as to whether they intend to stay or be removed from the committer list. Slides for the release review will begin later this week as well. Highlights for the COSMOS 1.1 release are 1) move SML out of research and update it to the latest version of the SML spec 2) move SDD out of research for the SDD tooling and the SDD runtime. Jason will also ask Wayne for permission to release COSMOS 1.1 as GA on September 25th. Discussion then progressed on i6 status. Jason is to send Josh an example German descriptorLanguageBundle to test the CLI. Buzilla 281282 is started but not done. It is not containable for i6 ... defer to i7. 281276 is fixed. 281288 is in progress and wrapping up. 281881 is fixed. 282024 is done and being tested at SAS. Will be committed first week of i7. i7 should be limited to very few code changes and the primary focus should be on stabilization and documentation. Jason is to create an i7 page for documentation related bugzillas to be entered.

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