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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 26-May-09


  • Joe (IBM)
  • Mark M. (SAS)
  • David (IBM)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)



Today's meeting was devoted to covering i5 features along with status updates on each. Starting at the top, Jason is to remove the first row of the i5 feature page. It is a remnant of when i5 was a stabilization iteration. Ed indicated that the installer bundle ER status is current and unchanged from last week. The update for targetResourceRef is included in the COSMOS example update. Jason to get the example checked in. It was noted that Josh is waiting on this in order to proceed with his translation key work. ER 275669 status is unchanged from last week. ER 275881 is on track. Josh noted that in order to more robustly handle the CIM_DatabaseSystem resource two additional property Qnames are needed ... version and port. Version will be used to check version constraints and port will be used to query for status which is currently enumerated in the profile schema. Josh to enter a bugzilla with the requested profile changes. Jeff noted that the handler for J2EE server needs similar schema adds for version and port in order to resolve J2EE server constraints. For 275670 Josh indicated that this work has started but was put on hold awaiting code from another developer at SAS which performs JRE resolution. ER 275674 is blocked by the example update. Josh indicates that ER 275731 is on track for the end of the week. This ER needs capability to check the Windows registry and that JNI code (DLL and Java source) will be committed for this. Jason indicated no substantive progress on 275734 and the bulk of that has been getting familiar with the SML spec as well as the MDR toolkit code. ER 276507 is on track and will be pushed today. David indicated that ER 276993 is on track. ER 271062 is also on track for the end of this month. David to confirm with John and Mark on that. There were no other substantive updates for RM or SDD and no one submitted agenda items from around the room.

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