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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 26-March-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 3/26/08.


  • David Whiteman
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Don Ebright
  • Domenica Gelaj
  • Keshore
  • Jack Devine
  • Paul Stratton
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Rich Vasconi
  • Hubert Leung
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Jason Losh
  • Jeff Hamm
  • Tania Makins
  • John Todd
  • Jimmy Mohsin


Blocker enhancement status

  • 220949 behind schedule. Hubert will need help. This will have ripple effect.
  • 220952 not started yet.
  • SML 1.1 work on target.
  • TODO: No build team reps on the call. Need to understand whether these blocker ERs are on target, or if the blocked ERs are at risk.
  • DV have completed most of the i10 enhancements already, so they have added new ERs to their list because they can be contained.
  • Discussed getting approval of these ERs and possibly allowing some DV people to help out in other areas.

Doc input

  • Quite a bit missing from both documents
  • Ali is unable to write his doc for i11, for example
  • TODO: Ruth to reconcile list with Rich of doc deliverables, so we can retarget some of it for i11 or reassign other people to write these sections

EclipseCon & Face-to-Face

  • Discussed F2F meeting minutes
  • Talked about general feedback we got from EclipseCon, including web site & consumability issues
  • Discussed maybe building an all-in-one zip, since Jimmy found the Webtools installation cumbersome. TODO: build team should perhaps add this as a download option on the web site, Eclipse bundled with COSMOS SDK and Webtools.
  • Jimmy suggested adding Webtools to the SDD deployment scenario


  • Code on the IBM side - change analyzer - determines change on system. Need to marry that with SAS code (which includes some UI code)
  • Moving forward with legal approval to get that code contributed
  • Initial checkin anticipated in next week or 2
  • Could get install scenario established in i11. Will create SDD for the COSMOS install.
  • TODO: Need to determine how to handle prereqs, whether to auto-install and how to handle legal agreements. SDD has some support for this.
  • TODO: Jimmy & build team rep to sit in on SDD talk to further explore requirements for 3rd party install packages, such as Webtools & its prereqs, Dojo, and Muse.

Web services and Data collection

  • Hubert discussed this design:
  • Talked about how JAX-WS wasn't mature yet, so we are looking at Axis2 instead.
  • Paul mentioned that Bill could help out on 220955, but we realized that Hubert's P1 ERs are still exposed even with that help.
  • TODO: Hubert has to-do to list the pieces of 220949 that can be contracted out, and will send this via email.
  • There were no other DC-specific topics raised on the call.

Data visualization

  • Sheldon went over the blocker defect regarding the referencing of DOJO.
  • We discussed the legalities and how this compares to the Eclipse process. Ruth has previously indicated that any dependency, whether or not it involves bundling, silent download, or users manually retrieving the code, must be approved through Eclipse IPZilla.
  • TODO: Sheldon will follow up with Ruth to determine that we are in good shape with DOJO legal approval.
  • Ali went over his document that lists a number of suggestions for the UI. Some or all of these have been turned into ERs and defects. Some of the suggestions involve significant rework, and could not be contained in 1.0. Prioritization will have to be done to determine which defects or ERs are attempted in i10; we didn't discuss this, but we can of course defer any defects to i11 that are not "feature in disguise". TODO: Someone PMC-ish will need to approve any new features introduced mid-stream for i10, as we will need to decide where the resources would be best applied, especially with the web services work and doc work currently behind schedule and at risk.
  • Given the good discussion on some of the UI design, we will want to pick up any long-term design discussions at the next DV call.

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